Victor: Becoming a part of the family

Victor (left) making bracelets with Ricardo and Bryan

Victor (left) making bracelets with Ricardo and Bryan

By Amber Foster


We’ve known 19 year old Victor for years. He has struggled mightily with his own attitude and with poor decisions that wouldn’t allow him to accept the love being offered to him. Victor has come to talk to us multiple times about having an opportunity to stay, but we never felt like he was in a place to put forth the effort it takes to say no, every day every moment, to the call of the street.  

When Victor came in the fall to talk to me, again, I really didn’t hold out a lot of hope. He seemed different. He seemed like he wanted to change, but we weren’t sure. He was so deeply entrenched in the “freedom” that is found on the streets that we weren’t sure he would be able to follow the rules daily and treat others and their belongings with respect. We were all happily wrong. 

Victor is doing wonderfully. He is kind and loving and eager to start back to school next year. He is responsible when given the opportunity to succeed, and he is openly affectionate and grateful for the love being offered him.

Victor has bounced around a lot and struggles to accept love, but he’s trying. He has his moments when his past catches up to him but quickly corrects his bad attitude when he’s reminded of it. 

Victor is our newest family member and I’m so excited to share our family beach trip with him.  Help us show him that family is about love not biology and family is forever.