Yovanny: Our lovable goofball

Originally posted November 21, 2013

Yovanny (left) with Escarleth at the water park

Yovanny (left) with Escarleth at the water park


By Courtney Mathews

Some kids find their way into your heart with an incredible ease. And others force their way in with an almost annoying persistence – to the point where now you couldn’t stop loving them even if you tried. That’s our Yovanny.

I love Yovanny – we all do. He is a goofball. And sometimes boasts a neediness that wears our patience paper-thin. But he is lovable, and his desire to draw nearer to God and put his life on a better path make his more annoying moments more bearable.

This awkward guy doesn’t, at first, seem to fit the description of an individual affected by life on the streets. He isn’t hard. He doesn’t have tattoos. He smiles effortlessly and shows affection generously. But he does have a past that he doesn’t want to return to, and a story that urges him forward.

Yovanny bounced around between various centers throughout his life, spent some time on the streets, and was involved in street theft and selling marijuana. With a father serving a long sentence in prison, he has seen a glimpse at what his future will look like if he follows a similar road. And he doesn’t want that.

Yovanny is also one of our teens who is most interested in the Bible. He has certain passages that he will cite as his favorite and is interested in discussing his faith at any time.

We are thankful that this goofy guy has found a home with us. Yovanny is currently searching for work to provide a more stable life for himself. Please join us in prayer for Yovanny has he continues this journey and pursues a life of faith.