Dixon: Overflowing with love and personality

By Michael Carson


I have so many strong, proud feelings when I think of Dixon and how far she has come. We have loved watching her blossom into the responsible, beautiful soul she has become. Dixon now only has one year of high school left. If she continues as she has, she will start college in 2018.

Dixon has always struggled with accepting authority, especially from males. She has a huge heart and an attitude to match, but we have enjoyed watching her learn what expressing humility looks like. She knows accepting authority is part of life, and some day she will need to do so from a future boss. She has also worked hard to keep up her grades all year and has improved her math skills tremendously.

I love Dixon’s heart the most and her willingness to help any of us. She is friendly to a fault and is frankly just hilarious. Her personality beams through her eyes and her huge smile. She is always happy to watch my kids for me any time I ask, and I’m so grateful for her willingness to help us out. I can’t wait to see how Dixon continues to grow in God’s image over the next year.

Please consider sponsoring this feisty girl with an infectious personality to celebrate Christmas with her Breaking Chains family.