Dayana: Seeing God’s handiwork through her continual transformation

Originally posted December 3, 2015


By Courtney Sullivan

If you’ve visited Breaking Chains at any point over the past five years, you have likely met Dayana. She’s not an easy one to forget – likely because she won’t let you  This sweet girl has made such an amazing transition over the past couple of years that sometimes I can hardly believe she is the same girl, a sentiment that was echoed by several long-time friends of Breaking Chains who visited our ministry throughout this summer.

Dayana has always been full of energy. But a few years ago, most would use the world “wild” to describe her more than they would use “energetic.” Dayana has had a rough past and some poor examples which molded her to act out in order to get the attention she so desperately craved and deserved. Though always kind-hearted underneath, she had a tough outer shell and was prone to fits that made her tiresome and difficult to be around. Many times our ministry team felt exhausted, frustrated, and baffled, not knowing what it would take to break through to Dayana.

Over the past few years, though, God has made an incredible change in Dayana’s life. By working through the love, patience and discipline of her home life with Michael and John, her new education environment, counseling sessions and sustained love from other ministry members and those surrounding her, Dayana is developing into an incredible young girl. God is picking away one by one the hard layers that Dayana has held close for so long. She is realizing the benefits and peace that come with good behavior, and she easily exhibits love, affection and fun to those she meets. She is acutely concerned with the needs of others, and is always there to offer a hug and a hand to someone who is hurting. Dayana is still Dayana – she still has a lot of energy and a stubborn nature that gets her into trouble at times, but every day God reveals just a little more of the beautiful spirit he intends for Dayana to be.

Please join us that God continues to work in powerful ways in Dayana’s life as she finds worth in him. We can’t wait to see the plans that God has in store for her future. Please consider rewarding this sweet girl for the positive changes she has made by giving her a wonderful Christmas at the beach with her family!