New addition for education sponsorship: Alba, our “little chicken”

Originally posted February 5, 2013

Meet Pollita. Her real name is Alba, but she is most commonly referred to by her nickname, which means “little chicken” in English. While she may not look like a little chicken to you, there is no denying this little girl’s cuteness and sweetness.

Alba’s mother has been a friend of Breaking Chains for years, but she had continued to live on the streets. She recently made the decision to move into the building following giving birth to her new son, David, in December. Now, she is working hard daily to make sure that she does what is best for her two little ones, including making sure that Alba receives an education.

Alba will soon turn four and is ready to begin pre-kindergarten. We would like to sponsor her for the cost of her uniforms and school supplies. The cost to sponsor “Pollita” is a one-time donation of $150. If you are interested in contributing, please email to let us know.

You can also check out the remaining sponsorships needed on the “education funds” link. Thank you for your continued support of Breaking Chains and these children. God bless!