Heriberto: A wonderful kind of different

Originally posted December 4, 2012

Being too normal is sometimes boring. That’s why we love the quirky personality of Heriberto.

Heriberto has been a friend to our ministry for a while now and has chosen to stay with us for a few nights at a time throughout the year before eventually traveling on. However in September of this year, he chose to stick around for a while longer and has been a more fixed member of our ministry since then.

Heriberto has a sweet spirit and is always willing to help with whatever task is needed. His easy-going nature makes him enjoyable to be around, but it’s his quirky personality that typically provides some free entertainment. He is always good for a joke or a story – typically ones that make the listener say, “umm…what?” at the end because it either didn’t make sense or seemed so outrageous. Heriberto represents that guy or girl in every circle of friends that is just a little bit different than everyone else, but in a way that is perfectly endearing.

Heriberto is one of the more educated of our teenagers and is currently looking for stable employment. We pray that God continues to guide Heriberto toward great things in the future and that he maintains his sweet personality along the way. Please pray about making Christmas special for Heriberto!