Lorna: Working hard for her family


By Michael Carson

By Michael Carson

You couldn’t ever accuse Lorna of not working hard. She will do just about any job to feed her family, and she deserves to relax at the Beach Christmas with us once again this year.

Lorna works with our teams who stay at John and I’s house during the summer helping to cook delicious meals for them.  She has gone to Mi Esperanza for a sewing class, and we had the blessing of watching one of the teams give her a sewing machine of her very own this year.

Then a few months ago Lorna discovered she had a little surprise, a new pregnancy. She was very worried about having another mouth to feed, and we discussed ways she could work from home. One of them was the sewing machine, and then a group also donated for her to start a “pulperia,” a little convenience store inside of her home.

Lorna will continue to cook for our teams during the summers, but she also needed a steady income to support her family from home. Now she has that, and she says she’s slowing saving to add more products as she is able.

We are proud of her and the ways she continues to put her family first. Help reward Lorna for her hard work and sponsor her this year for Beach Christmas!


If you would like to sponsor Lorna, please leave a comment below. The cost of sponsorship is $150 to cover food, transportation, lodging and presents for the weekend. Donations can be made online at bchonduras.org/donate or by sending check contributions to Breaking Chains Honduras at P.O. Box 20454 Oklahoma City, OK 73156.