Ricardo: Embracing the love of a family




By Amber Foster

To say Ricardo has grown this year would be a serious understatement. Ricardo came to us a very nervous and private young man that was afraid to share anything with us. His life has been marked with tragedy, and he has lost all of his known blood relatives. He is not your typical “street kid,” and struggles with where he fits in anywhere in his world. He has steadily been opening up over the past two years, but this year he has made great strides. This year he has finally begun to let us be his family, to open up his heart and share his fears and loneliness. That opening up has allowed some of those wounds to begin to heal and has allowed us to really love him.  

This year Ricardo finished tenth grade, and prayerfully, he will go on to graduate high school next year. Every completed year of school is a huge accomplishment for our kids, and we are so proud that he was able to stick out the year, be a part of the band and move on to his final year of high school.  

Interacting with Ricardo used to be a real chore, but now he is quick with a smile and a funny story to tell. He has become a loved favorite and a leader to new young people joining our home. We are excited to see where Ricardo goes in his life and to be the people he calls family always. 

Help us share our family vacation with Ricardo!