Huge praise: All four children sponsored for school

Originally posted January 18, 2012

We are sending praises to God and big “thank you”s to our supporters once again, because as of last night all four of our kids who will attend bilingual school in February have received full sponsorship.

Arol, Dayana, Escarleth and Jonatan will all have the opportunity for a bright future through the gateway of a great education – and we could not be more grateful to our sponsors who have made it possible. School begins in February, so the kids are knee-deep in tutoring lessons from Michael and Corey to try to get them prepared, and the school supply and uniform shopping will begin very soon. We will be sure to post pictures and updates as they become available.

If you had been thinking of sponsoring one of the kids, please keep praying about that decision as we search for more education opportunities for the rest of our kids and vocational school opportunities for our teens. We will be calling on the support of the BC community again to help support that effort.

If you would still like to donate to the education fund for incidental costs that may arise, or to help prepare for sponsoring other students, you can donate on our website via PayPal, or send a check with “education” in the memo line to: Breaking Chains Honduras, 14301 Middleberry Rd., Edmond, OK 73013.

Thank you again to all of our supporters. We are so humbled and grateful to have you standing alongside us! We can’t wait to see what doors will be opened for these kids as God guides them through this unique opportunity.