Cristian: A dedicated boy overcoming a tragic past

Originally posted November 23, 2013

By Michael Carson


A lot of our kids are filled with anger from lives filled with trauma and loss. But I’m not sure anyone has more bouts of anger than our sweet-hearted Cristian.

So much has happened in Cristian’s life. He has never gotten over the way he watched his mother die in front of him, and he sometimes struggles not to fall back into a depression about his childhood.

But Cristian never stops trying. He’s not a quitter, and while he has a lot of anger inside of him, he still manages to be one of the kindest, most loyal people in our building. I can always count on him to be honest, even if it means admitting something he did wrong. We know we can trust him with any responsibility. If he agrees to it, he will see it through.

My favorite thing about this sweet boy is his heart. He lights up when you give him a hug or really just want to know how he’s doing. And if you ask him to help with a project, he is always willing to help.

Cristian believes in working hard. He finished his class in carpentry that gives him the training to work on small construction projects. Next year he will start the next session that teaches him further skill to work on even more difficult projects. He also finished the next grade of schooling and will continue in February receiving his basic education.

Cristian works so hard because he dreams of living once again with his little brother Henrry, now 18 and studying hard himself. He wants to have all the skills he needs to provide a good life for him and his brother.

We’re so proud of this young man and his hard work. He has a long way to go with controlling his emotions, but we know he will keep trying to improve with the help of God’s power.