Giving a little girl a chance

Originally posted January 17, 2012

This is Dayana’s profile from last year. Last school year, Dayana had a tough time adjusting to her new school environment, often acting out in aggressive behavior. However, after taking some time off, Dayana returned to school much improved and even became a reliable little helper to her teacher. We pray that Dayana continues down that road to success as school begins this year.

Dayana wearing her new Christmas clothes

Dayana wearing her new Christmas clothes

We now have full support for Dayana to attend bilingual school! We of course are thrilled and moved to have someone invest in her future. We thank God for providing someone for her.

We know she will struggle with this new environment having spent her life either on the streets or in a homeless shelter. But she’s a bright, little girl with potential to break through her chains.

We pray for her success to her Creator who loves her much more than us. We thank our Father for giving her a Stateside family who wants to give her the chance she has never had.

Dayana is, to say the least, ornery. We love her dearly, but her behavior reflects where she has grown up. I have seen much improvement in her as of late.

A few weeks ago, I began taking one child at a time out of the building to play games at the house, to eat, to buy groceries. Anything that will give them a chance to get out of our building. Since Corey came back from the States, we have done these outings together.

Enjoying the carnival on New Year’s

Enjoying the carnival on New Year’s

When I took Dayana for the first time, we had several conversations about her behavior. I explained that I would not take her any other places if she doesn’t learn to obey. The conversation went as follows:

“Dayana, you must learn to listen, when one of us tell you something,” I said.

“Who?” Dayana asked.

The adults around the building that are in charge of you like me, Amber, your mom, Cor…” I began to explain.

She then interrupted to say, “What about if I listen to you and Mommy Amber and not David or…”

I chuckled. “No, you don’t get to choose who you listen to, little one,” I interrupted. “If you want to spend time with me outside of the building, you must start act right and do what we ask.”

Nothing like a five-year-old girl bartering for who she has to listen to. That’s our Dayana – very bright however frustrating, at times. We’re all looking forward to putting this bright, ornery girl into a school to see her flourish. As you can see, she’s very smart.

Thank you to the family that agreed to support her future. We can’t thank you enough for giving her this opportunity. Blessings to all of you.