Rafa and Edwin: Our favorite bus drivers

Originally posted December 7, 2015

Above: Edwin (middle) and Rafa (right) playing with the kids at Beach Christmas last year. 

Group season for us can be really hectic. One thing that makes it slightly less hectic, though, is having bus drivers who know us well and are good at their jobs.

For most groups, we work through a transportation company called Honduras Traveling. We have worked with them so regularly, that we know nearly all of the drivers on a first-name basis if not on an even deeper level. When planning out our summer, we always try to get either Rafa or Edwin as much as possible for our groups. Rafa and Edwin know and love our ministry, are familiar with the areas in which we work, and are good at moving our groups safely and efficiently. Most return groups who have had one or the other typically request that same driver when they come back next year.

For our Beach Christmas trip, we will need two buses to carry everyone to Amapala and back. The bus company provides at least one bus for free and the other at a reduced rate. All they ask is that we take care of the drivers during the trip. Just like last year, Rafa and Edwin will be driving for us and joining us on the beach.

We are looking for a sponsor of $150 in order to take care of Rafa and Edwin’s food costs and give them some holiday spending money.  Please consider helping us bless these two drivers who do so much for us.