Karen: Seeing the world differently


By Amber Foster

By Amber Foster

Karen is a special gift to us. She teaches us to see the world through different eyes and to reach out to people wherever they are. She came to us at the beginning of the year after a lifetime of pain and failed placements. Karen is deaf and also has some undetermined mental deficits. She has very little language and very little desire to acquire any. But she is funny and theatrical and quick with a smile if she feels she can trust you.  

We have spent the past year learning sign language as a family, perfecting our mimicking skills, and reaching out to Karen in our own ways. We have seen trust begin to grow into her eyes and through her interactions. We have seen her grow as she works each week with a private tutor to practice life skills and also learn crafts that she may be able to sell one day.   

Karen and Alba (our house mom) have a very special bond. Alba will often take Karen home for the day and even invited her along on their latest family vacation. Karen flourishes in the family setting and loves to help out in the kitchen. It is our prayer for Karen that we can find an older family that will take her under their wing and allow her to be a permanent part of their family. In the meantime we will continue to love her as part of ours.

Help us share our family Christmas with Karen and continue to heal the hurts of her past.


If you would like to sponsor Karen, please leave a comment below. The cost of sponsorship is $150 to cover food, transportation, lodging and presents for the weekend. Donations can be made online at bchonduras.org/donate or by sending check contributions to Breaking Chains Honduras at P.O. Box 20454 Oklahoma City, OK 73156.