Pamela: our typical, yet not-so-typical teen

Originally posted November 26, 2013

By Michael Carson


Parenting makes you feel sorry for your own parents, but parenting a teenager just makes you feel down right embarrassed for all the stupid things you ever said to old mom and dad. My teenager Pamela exhausts me with her general 14-year-old-ness, but my fourteen-year-old girl has a big heart for helping others and taking care of her little siblings.

Pamela has spent most of her life raising her siblings. Her biological mom is less than superb at motherhood similar to her mother before her. For a lot of Pamela’s life, Belkis would leave all the kids with her to take care of or would yell at her to clean the house while she left to entertain herself.

Belkis has repeatedly admitted she has not liked Pamela most of her life. This is what my girl has dealt with. When they are together they spend most of the time fighting, and it’s usually Belkis who instigates it.

Pamela has a lot of attitude and authority problems with good reason as you can see. But she is growing. Every day she seems to have less anger. Every day she seems a little more open to love.

Please pray for our Pamela that she will continue to move forward and not backward.