Letting His Light Shine

Originally posted January 10, 2012

This is Jonatan’s profile from last year. Jonatan thrived in his first year of school, regularly making the honor roll and winning the affection of both his teachers and classmates. Following success in kindergarten, Jonatan will begin first grade this year.

Jonatan is a born people-pleaser. I can see Jonatan doing just about anything he puts his mind to. With the help of a good education, the sky will be the limit for this little guy.

This six-year-old is always the first of our kids to try to help with any project we are doing at the building and is quick to be upset if you tell him you don’t need his help.

All he wants to do is help others, and he does a great job with helping his little sister Rosie. He is the first one on the scene when Rosie is crying. He’s always there to tell her everything will be okay and give here a great big brother hug. I hope we can continue to help Jonatan and his great heart grow into a young man that can be an example for other children.


We can’t wait to see this little goof grow into his own person. He lives in the shadow of his older brother Arol among his family now. Unfortunately, their mother Belkis has favorites, and Jonatan isn’t one of them. Neither Arol nor Jonatan are to blame for this, and both deserve to break free of their chains and find who they are meant to become.

Jonatan’s so excited to start school that he has already begun asking me to teach him English words and phrases. He has mastered a few such as “Go,” “Stop” and Michael’s favorite “Wassup.” He loves asking me what Spanish words mean in English, even if sometimes it isn’t entirely necessary that he knows that word. One night he was…well, gassy. He then wanted to know what that word was in English.

So, if you ever get the chance to meet Jonatan, he will have no difficulty letting you know when anyone is farting at the building.

I see so much promise in Jonatan that I get excited just thinking about the possibilities a good education will give him. There are so many giving souls at our building, but not many of them are six years old. I know that Jonatan has a role to play here in the future of Honduras, and his first step to achieving all he is meant to do is a great education.

Please consider helping Jonatan break the chains of poverty with any donation you can give to this boy’s education. He needs you and this so much! If you would like to share in Jonatan’s future, see the link named “Education funds” above to see what help this boy needs.

To help or if you have questions, email me at corey@bchonduras.org or my co-director of education at michael@bchonduras.com.