Angel: Our joyful, hurting baby

Originally posted November 26, 2013

By Courtney Mathews


At Breaking Chains, we are proud to support some of the cutest babies in Honduras. And Angel might just be top of his class.

We have been blessed to know this little toddler since his birth two years ago. And he has been bringing us joy ever since. As the only son to one of our teenagers, Yahaira, Angel has become like the second child to all of her teen friends in the building. Because of his easy-going nature, you will often see him babbling in the arms of any number of people at the building. He loves everyone, and everyone loves him in return.

That was undoubtedly evidenced during Angel’s recent accident. While the family was cooking, Angel got too close to some boiling water and spilled it on top of him, burning is underarms and a portion of his back. He was rushed to the hospital right away, leaving a host of concerned friends and family members praying behind.

Angel has been in the hospital for a couple of weeks now and is continuing treatment for his burns. Although he will still likely be in the hospital for a few weeks, he will hopefully have some skin grafts soon and will eventually just have scars to remind him of the incident.

His absence from the building these past weeks has been felt by our Breaking Chains family that loves him so much. Every day the children, teens or adults ask how he is doing and when he will be coming home. Our prayer is that our answer to the latter can be “soon” and that this wide-eyed ball of joy can promptly return to his rightful place brightening up our building.

Because of the recent events, we are not sure if Angel will be healthy enough to spend Beach Christmas with us, but we would like to give him presents for a special Christmas just the same.