Cristian is now sponsored!

Originally posted March 5, 2012

Update: Cristian is now sponsored! Thank you so much to his sponsors for their continued support of Cristian!

Name: Cristian

Age: 18

Program: Cristian will be furthering his education through weekend school. He will also continue his training in welding and begin a job as an apprentice with a welder in the city.

Cristian is one of our brightest and most driven teenagers. He truly has the desire and the capacity to change his situation with the right opportunities. We are excited that he will further his formal education through schooling, and will continue to gain valuable skills and begin earning income though his job. Cristian has had some tough breaks in life, but is grateful for every new beginning. It will be a joy to watch him grow through this process.

You can sponsor Cristian for a one-time donation of $100 for his upfront costs and $50 per month for his recurring expenses.