Nayeli: a quiet, loving girl

Originally posted December 3, 2012

Nayeli at last year’s beach Christmas

Nayeli at last year’s beach Christmas

Nayeli is my favorite at Breaking Chains, though everyone says you’re not supposed to have favorites. On my first visit to the BC building a year ago, I met several gorgeous, dirty, affectionate children that hugged and kissed me – a giddy, lovely feeling I’ll never forget.

One child kept hugging me every time I turned around. I was a perfect stranger to her.  Maybe it was because I’m Michael’s mom, and all the kids at the building love Michael. Nayeli and I couldn’t communicate verbally because neither spoke the other’s language. So, we just hugged and tried to play hand clapping games and tic-tac-toe. For whatever reason, she loved me and I instantly loved her back.

Nayeli is 10 years old and the oldest of four children. She has a shy, beautiful smile and loves to dance. She struggles extra hard to keep up with children who have been in private school much longer than she has. Her world seems lonelier at present because her best friend, Pamela, was recently taken from the BC family and sent to live in state custody. Nayeli misses her.

Like all the others at BC Nayeli and her family share one room. This little girl doesn’t have much to call her own – clothes, books or toys; so she appreciates anything she is given. Please consider being a channel of God’s blessing and sponsor Nayeli for Christmas this year.