Erika: A loving example of commitment

By Michael Carson


We require all our private-school children and their parents to attend church with us on Sundays. Usually they all miss at least once a month. But Erika is in attendance nearly every Sunday without fail. She’s always there and willing to lend a helping hand with the offering, stacking benches or whatever we need. The only time I remember her missing was when she was in the hospital for a problem with her diabetes. She is the only mother I can say that about.

Erika isn’t perfect. She can’t read or write herself and has severe diabetes -so much so that it often affects her vision. She often lets these aspects of her life frustrate her and cause her to lose her patience with her family. But she loves deeply. She would do just about anything to give her kids a better life than she has had. She works very hard alongside her husband Luis to provide for her family and make sure her kids get good grades.

We’re proud to have Erika as one of our private school parents, and we hope you will honor her hard work by giving her a wonderful Christmas this year. Please consider sponsoring her Christmas experience this year!