Known for love: Serving in memory of Antonio

Last September, we mourned the life of a sweet soul gone too soon. This year, on the anniversary of his death, we honored his life through one of his favorite forms of service - building a home for a family in need.

Antonio at Beach Christmas 2017.

Antonio at Beach Christmas 2017.

Antonio came to live at Breaking Chains in his early teen years. He had a lot of anger and a tough outer shell that he wouldn’t allow to crack. Over time, that shell softened and we saw light break through to the loving soul inside. One day he came to us to say that he was struggling with addiction and asked to go to rehab. After he resiliently completed rehab, he went to live with our friends at Mountain Top Ministries so he could live further away from the temptation of the streets. At MTM, Antonio thrived even more. He completed his elementary education, learned to cut hair and worked various construction jobs. He remained clean and sober, and he shared his joy of life with all he encountered. When he was killed, it left a hole in all our hearts.

To honor Antonio on the anniversary of his death, we teamed up with MTM to build a house in the community of Chaguite. It was a beautiful way to serve a family in need while also remembering the heart of a young man who loved to serve others, especially through building houses.

Earlier this year, MTM made shirts with a drawing of Antonio’s silhouette inset into the phrase “They will know you for your love.” Antonio certainly showed God through his love, and we hope to carry that love with us in service to others.

Thank you to the donors who allowed us to honor Antonio and made this day special for both ministries!