We have a bus! Thank you to everyone who donated!


It’s been a busy summer, and in the craziness of everything we have neglected to post about one of our biggest updates - we now own a bus! What an incredible blessing and answer to prayer! Thanks to the support of several generous individuals and churches, earlier this summer we were able to purchase a Coaster bus to serve our bilingual students, our BC teens, and our visiting mission teams!

The 28 passenger bus has served us all summer helping transport our U.S. volunteers, and it will get put to even greater use later this month as our 18 bilingual school students head back to school. The gently used bus came at a great price, with low miles and minimal maintenance issues. We are hopeful it can serve the ministry for years to come!

Having our own bus gives us the ability to grow our education program and provides much needed consistency in transporting our bilingual students and our BC teens. Its use with our summer teams also helps generate income to cover regular maintenance and save for other needs.

Another wonderful advantage of owning the bus is that we were able to hire Rafa, a longtime friend and skillful driver, as our full-time employee. Having Rafa means that we have a consistent driver whom we know and trust, and it also provides more financial stability for him and his family.

We cannot say thank you enough to the hearts who gave to make this possible. Having this vehicle has been a dream and prayer of ours for the last few years, and we are grateful to God and the generous people He has placed in our path that made it a reality.

Our summer season is now over, but the bilingual school year begins later this month. Please continue to pray over this blessing and this program as our students look toward another year of learning and personal growth. We are blessed beyond measure.