Spreading Christmas Wishes

Originally posted December 2, 2011

Thanks to an amazing outpouring of love and support, Breaking Chains has received enough donations to sponsor each child and adult living in our ministry facility for Christmas! We are so humbled by the response to our request for sponsors that was fulfilled in just five days. It is a true testament to of how the love of Christ reaches beyond cultural and geographic boundaries.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored a child or adult from Breaking Chains Honduras this Christmas. We are so excited to give them a great Christmas this year, only made possible by your support. 

To go along with the presents, we would like to add a personal touch to each gift by including a note from each sponsor. We will translate the notes into Spanish so that the recipients can see just how much those of you in the U.S. care about them. Notes should be emailed to michael@bchonduras.org.

For more information, please visit Michael’s blog at www.livingoutmyfaith.wordpress.com.Thank you again for your wonderful love and support of the people we care so deeply about.